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Creative Consultation

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about a creative consultation. In many ways, what you will gain from working with me as a consultant is up to you! Through question-oriented exercises, I will help you first name your projects and, second, identify the necessary actions that will give you access to pursuing and completing these projects. I place an emphasis on question-orientation rather than result-orientation to allow for the ultimate flexibility and potential discovery in the work itself. 


The overarching mission of a consultation residency is about observing patterns. This is about heightening your awareness of your own practice and taking a deeper look at how your work fits into your momentary, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual life. 


Once the specific project is set, these are the systems we will be working on together:


1.TIMELINES AND TIME MANAGEMENT: observing when you practice and when you don't practice. If you say you’re going to work on a piece today, and you don’t, we will have a conversation about why you didn’t and what you did instead. Time management is synonymous with prioritization, and we will work together to name these (in either abstract or concrete terms). Once you start working on pieces, we can also observe your tendencies in the making and set measures of productivity. 

2.BRANDING AND MARKETING: Who are you about your artwork? Who are you being about your artwork? Who do you want to be about your artwork? What is your relationship with money and your artwork? How do you price your artwork and why do you price your artwork? Is there an image of yourself that you are interested in portraying via social media and does social media play a part in your branding at all? 

3.LARGE SCALE ACTUALIZATION: Moving beyond the immediate project that the two of us will embark on, we will look at your process in the name of longevity. What do you want for yourself in five years time? In ten? In 25? Again, this is about naming goals, not results. Together, we can make a plan based in sustainability of how you can access the life you want in the long-term scale. 



The last thing I will say is that the creative consultation program is a collaborative experience. Thigs are constantly changing and we will work together to achieve a balance between rigidity and flexibility. Open communication is non-negotiable necessity. 


Please be vocal with any questions, thoughts, ideas, or concerns.