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The Hosting is a pop up gallery and artist residency program based in Southeast Michigan, founded by Anya Klapischak in 2016.

From ages 5 to 16, Klapischak took an active role in a worldwide Ukrainian Girl Scouting organization. She spent a good part of every summer camping in the Catskills of Upstate New York, sleeping on a cot in a canvas tent. No electronics were allowed, no makeup, no hair products and no speaking, reading, or writing English. There was archery, complex knot tying, cooking meals on an open fire, building fortresses (yes, legitimate fortresses from felled trees,) week-long hikes in the Appalachians, and 7 am wake up calls with whistles sounding the alarm, followed by group calisthenics and hurried bathroom time. We built well hidden bivouacs and lean-tos in the woods, stood sentry duty guarding our camp, raided the boys’ camp at night, learned natural rituals from pagan times and spent days in solitude in what we had built, provisioned with only a notebook and a book of matches. This was, apparently, an uncommon way to grow up outside of a Second
World Country. Every night ended with group singing of old Ukrainian folk and partisan songs beside a roaring bonfire under the magical night sky into which the sparks flew in no particular order. On the last day of camp, our parents stood aback waiting to claim their kids from the wilderness and watched them all sob and hold one another. No one wanted to leave the strange/immense/ beautiful connections we’d shared.

These summers laid the foundation for what would evolve to become the sustainable mission of The Hosting- to inspire limitlessness in life, to rescind and take back the rhetoric of “back to the real world” and to focus our communal efforts on authentic connections, on creation coming from the raw necessity to create.